Global Crisis: What’s Going On Around the World?

What is Global Crisis?

Global crisis refers to a situation that threatens the entire world and could potentially have long-term, devastating effects on the global economy, environment, and society. It can arise from a variety of sources, including wars, pandemics, natural disasters, and economic instability. Global crises can also arise due to global warming and climate change, which can lead to extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and other environmental catastrophes.

What’s Going On Around the World?

There are a number of global crises that are currently affecting the world. These include wars in Syria and Yemen, the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, the spread of terrorism, the global economic crisis, and the spread of the Zika virus. In addition, the world is currently experiencing a period of political and economic uncertainty due to the election of Donald Trump as US President and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

What Can We Do About Global Crises?

There are a number of ways that individuals, organizations, and governments can work together to address global crises. This includes providing aid to those affected by natural disasters or wars, offering education and job opportunities to refugees and migrants, and investing in renewable energy sources to reduce the effects of climate change. In addition, international organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund can play an important role in providing resources and support for those affected by global crises.


Global crises are an ever-present reality in the world today, and it is up to all individuals and organizations to work together to address them. By providing aid, providing access to education and employment opportunities, investing in renewable energy sources, and supporting international organizations, we can help to reduce the impact of global crises and create a better future for everyone.

For more information on global crises and what you can do to help, please visit the United Nations website.